Nice one Gilly! Images are looking cool. If you want to add them into a post or page you need to go into ‘write’- either post or page. Then go for the ‘add media’ black box in a white square button, then go media library. Once your in there, click ‘show’ next to the image you want to upload, then on the pop up you can scroll down and click, ‘upload into post’. It sounds more complicated than it is!! I promise!

hi, i took some pics today using my phone! i just wanted to add something, the images have gone into the ‘media library’ section not sure how to add them to my page? sorry if i am being abit dumb. im working on my statement at the mo so will have that shortly. Jim your work looks really interesting, i can’t wait to see more! laters.

In order to add images it seems the best way is to ‘add media’ via the Black box symbol in the tool bar above where you write when writing a page or post. When that pos up, you need to upload an image which will be saved in the ‘media library.’ Try and keep images to a reasonable size, otherwise it struggles! Once it has uploaded the image, if you give it a second a box should come up to ‘insert into post,’ if you hit that it will place the image in your page or post. Alternatively, you can insert already uploaded images from the ‘media library’ by hitting ‘show’ and then ‘insert into post’


I have added some images and text to my page! The text is only very brief and needs some work on it, but it gives you a little more of an idea of how I am working and thinking. I am also still making new work, and therefore, photographing it, so more images will follow. This is particularly relevant to the 3-D work, which I am only just starting on. Any feedback is always appreciated, both good and bad!

Hello, im just playing so this can be deleted! i just wanted to try and figure it out!!! hope everyone is ok?!

Hello one and all!

Heres a few tips as to how to use WordPress:

In order to publish a post or page, and in fact do almost anything, you need to go up the top to your ‘Dashboard.’  There you need to select ‘Centreingontheperiphery.’ When the page changes you should be able to go to ‘write’/ ‘manage’ etc. You then need to go into ‘write’ and select either page or post. When writing a page, you can either tick one of the categories I have created, or create your own. Once written you then click on publish and they will be on the site. They will then appear on the left hand side of the main page in the ‘Cat. cloud’, which serve as a link to that topic. I have created as many categories as I could think we may need throughout the course of organising the exhibition/s, But i’m sure there will be more. If you want to expand upon what your up to with your work etc, write it in your page- we will then all be collectively updated on where your at (by looking through the pages) It might be an idea that if writing a ‘page’ we leave a ‘post’ to flag this up. The ‘posts’ will be on the main page which you can view when you hit ‘visit site.’ In order to make changes to the ‘pages’ and ‘posts’ you have written and published you can go to ‘manage’ in your ‘dashboard’ and go to either ‘page’ or ‘post’ depending on what you wish to change. Then, ensuring it is set to ‘published’, hit save again. This can be done as often as you need- I have just republished this post following amendments. Alternatively, there may be the option to ‘edit page’ with the pages- take your individual page in its present state for instance. With this, you can just click ‘(edit page)’ and away you go! 

The site is open to all to view, and we should be able to use it withihn applications- this could be really handy actually! As regards plagerism etc, I will be setting up a ‘Creative commons’ link which is a licence that means that if anyone is to reference your writing they must give reference to the site. This can be quite handy, because I would expect that if anyone is to read through our site they would be truely interested in what we are doing and would be writing about a similar theme in something that is worth having your name in! I will be adding to my page soon, I look forward to looking through yours. Incidently the drawing on the header is one of my wall drawings created from a piece of short Charlie Chaplin footage. As and when we all put images up we can keep changing this as we go.  

Hello my fellow exhibitors! Have a look around the site. Don’t worry about messing anything up, all can be corrected! I will give you some tips soon! Incidently we will be writng posts for general news/comments etc. We all have our own page and will be able to contribute to these and then edit through everything as we go along in order to formulate our overall approach to the exhibition.

June 2023